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Q: What is the warranty on Holcam Products?
A: All Holcam products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Q: What type of paint is used on the frames?
A: The coating is a baked on enamel finish similar to the paint on your car.

Q: What type of glass is used in the manufacture of your doors.
A: Holcam uses tempered safety glass that meets or exceeds all applicable standards.

Q: What are the standard heights for by-pass tub and shower enclosures?
A: 56" height for tub enclosures. 72" and 65-1/4" height for shower enclosures. The 72" height is usually used on tiled showers. The 65-1/4" height is typically used for fiberglass stalls.

Q: Can a door or enclosure be built to a custom size or requirement?
A: Holcam specializes in custom enclosures.

Q: What size door do I need to fit a 48" stall?
A: The actual opening the door fits in will vary from stall to stall. If you have the model number of the stall, we can cross reference for the correct door. If not, you will need the centerline measurements to get the proper fit.

Q: What type of metal is used in Holcam shower doors?
A: Holcam uses 6463 alloy with a T-5 temper

Q: Where are Holcam enclosures manufactured?
A: Our manufacturing facilities are based in Seattle, WA

Q: What is the lead time for a door or enclosure?
A: Typically, 5-7 days on standard units and 3-4 weeks for custom order units.

Q: I have seen what looks like a painted pattern on glass. What it is it and how is it applied to the glass?
A: The product is known as ceramic frit and made of crushed glass and a color pigment. The design is silkscreened on to the glass and is melted into the surface of the glass during the tempering process, literally making the pattern part of the glass. Because of this, ceramic frit will never chip of flake.

Q: Do Holcam doors fit standard fibreglass stalls?
A: Yes, Holcam doors and enclosures will fit all current manufacturers' stalls.

Q: Will I need to make any cuts when I install a door?
A: Yes, we leave some of the parts longer than needed in order to account for out of plumb conditions.

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